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Tarbone Ranch 2018 Hunting Review

2018 was an excellent hunting season. We had the opportunity to take several great management and trophy bucks. We were also able to add some new genetics to our pool of whitetail that will make for some exciting growth in our future! We look forward to seeing one of our hunts featured on an upcoming episode of Trijicon’s World of Sports Afieldon the Sportsman Network. These shows are a blast for us to make so be sure to tune in!

Tarbone Ranch 2019 update
Tarbone Ranch 2019
Tarbone Ranch 2019 update
Tarbone Ranch 2019 update

We were not just hunting bucks this year, we also had the opportunity to hunt this monster bull bison with Steven. We love being able to offer these bison hunts because they are always a great experience for everyone, and can fill several freezers with amazing meat.

Tarbone Ranch 2019 update.docx4 

Our last hunt of the year came with this cow elk hunt. We did not have any bull elk available this year, but we usually will have a cow or two for meat hunts. Bruce was happy about getting some fresh venison for his house!

Tarbone Ranch 2019 update.docx6

2018 Tarbone Ranch Update

Tarbone Ranch 2017 Hunting Review

2017 will be a season to remember. We had several successful hunts and made some great memories.

We started the fall hunting season off great. We were able to film a hunt for Trijicon’s World of Sports Afield TV show on the Sportsman Network with our good friend Dave Fulson. The hunt was challenging, but Robert and Scott were able to take these two amazing bucks. This will definitley make for a great show. Be sure to tune in!

2018_ranch_update.docx.jpgTarbone Ranch Trophy Bison Elk Deer Hunts

Our next hunt was a great group. David Zinn is getting maried and decided to take his wedding party for an experience they would never forget. He was able to take the elk of a lifetime and Chris was fortunate enough to get this huge bison.

tarbone Ranch Trophy Bison Elk Deer HuntsTarbone Ranch Trophy Bison Elk Deer Hunts

Our last hunt of the year had us out after another trophy bison. After a day of hunting we were able to take down this beast with Jordan Nichols and his dad. 


2016 Tarbone Ranch Update

This was our first hunting season without Ken, the founder of Tarbone Ranch. When he passed away suddenly in January of 2016 we knew that Tarbone must continue operations in his honor. We are proud to bring his legacy and love of the outdoors to all of our visiting hunters.

In the Fall we had Dave Fulson come hunt this beautiful buck for his television show, “Trijicon’s World of Sports Afield”. We were very glad to be able to host him and his crew, and are excited to bring Ken’s story to more outdoorsmen.


This fall, Brian and Justin Stamps came for a dream-fulfilling four day hunt with us. These two brothers were able to harvest two bull elk and a trophy buck.

Tarbone_ranch_hunts_2016_review.docx2.jpg  Tarbone_ranch_hunts_2016_review.docx3.jpg  Elk_Hunt 2016

This Winter we had a wonderful snowfall as we hosted returning hunters Ed and Wyatt Mountain. This season they were able to harvest a cow bison. It was a very special hunt as we were able to track these bison through the snow and terrain of Tarbone Ranch. Once we had them in range, Wyatt made a fantastic shot and some even more amazing memories.


2015 Tarbone Ranch Update

The year will go down as a great growing year for the ranch. We had excellent rains in the spring and early summer and the ponds stayed full. The native grasses grew extremely well, and the bison heard grazed it over. The oaks continued to grow and fill in some areas where the fires cut them back a few years ago. Toward the end of the summer, some of the areas started to look like they did before the fire. We were able to grow some amazing food plots in the summer, and the deer and elk grew like weeds.

Because of this, we had great growth. We had many successful hunts and made some fond memories with new friends. Here are some of the highlights from the last hunting season.

To start off the year, in January, Chuck Vessels came to hunt this magnificent bull bison.

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Tarbone Bison Oklahoma Ranch hunts 2015Tarbone ranch hunts 2015-2

Then, in the fall, Chuck came back with his son, Hugh, and they each got a trophy elk. It is so nice to be able to take a father and son out on a hunt. Sharing the outdoors with the next generation will always be our passion.

Tarbone ranch hunts 2015 3

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